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. remember, george w. bush did not attend the naacp for some time because he knew he would get that kind of a reception. >> we're going to have more on what happened in houston today later this hour. gloria, thanks very much. >> sure. >> there's also sobering news about a threat to the united states military and to israel. standby for details of a newly declassified pentagon report warning that iran's missiles are getting deadlier. also, a hazard of summer thunderstorms every airline passenger needs to be aware of. and a church school forcing little kids to beg for money. cnn's cameras are there. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providi
to presidential politics. by george w. bush's side during his campaigns. she's an intellectual with a good personal story. and a concert pianist. the former secretary of state and national security advisor would bring some needed foreign policy chops to romney's ticket, which brings us to the condi cons. she was a central bush administration player making the case for the iraq war, warning about saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction that turned out not to exist. >> there will always be some uncertainty about how quickly he can acquire nuclear weapons. but we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. >> reporter: some gop sources tell cnn they can't imagine romney would want to reopen wounds from the bush years. last but hardly least, rice's stance on abortion. she calls herself "mildly pro-choice". >> i worry about the government being involved in, but i'm like most americans. i think abortion is a terrible thing. >> reporter: one anti-abortion group already e-mailed around this clip of romney last year saying the running mates he would consider would be anti-abortion. >> i
candidates had done? >> well, you know, george bush, george w. bush. the other candidated optded out of the public finances. personally, i would have stayed in. but that's because i'm a different kind of democrat. the president had a lot of supporters, a lot of money on the table in 2008. in my judgment it was spent very well. he won the race. this time it's a lot different. he will have to continue to raise money. maybe a lot smaller amount than he did before. >> is there a different optically, and people look at this. average folks for romney to go to a fund-raiser -- political fund raiser in the hamptons and he is a billionaire, as we all know. and going for fund-raisers there. what's the difference, if anything? >> i can't see it. reporters are able to get more unfortunate quotes from the people attending. that is for people attending the fund-raiser. here's the other thing to take in mind, and jim's report pointed to it. the obama campaign is in real danger of misunderstanding what happened with the bush campaign in 2004. the lesson they've taken is when you have a so-so economy
president. lbj, bill clinton, or george w. bush. >> yeah. for our intelligence. the sharing of sorts in a very open way. president obama on the nation's security. i think it's a highly story record from his point of view. >> wolf, how do you scare this? you have netanyahu, who is o fusive about mitt romney. what do you make of that? >> well, both of them told me, the prime minister, the president of israel who worked in the defense establishment of israel for so many years, a former prime minister. as well as the current defense minister, who is a former prime minister of israel, both said the u.s./israeli military to military velgs ship right now. intelligence community to intelligence community relationship right now is excellent. it's as good if not better than it's ever been before. and they were extremely complimentary to president obama. both of them, and even as romney was still on basically the ground in israel. he was just getting ready to leave to fly off to poland. i was surprised by the enthusiastic praise they had for president obama, given some of the problems that pres
since 1988 when george h.w. bush carried it that year. look, we see the likes of joe biden now spending a lot of time in pennsylvania. let's not forget, go back to 2008, wolf, when president obama back in 2008 said that very ill-fated phrase. he said people are clinging to their guns and their religion. that is something that will not play very well in pennsylvania. but also in pennsylvania it also shows that in fact when you look at these numbers right here as far as television advertising right now, we've seen barack obama is spending money right now. more than $3 million right now, wolf, he is spending on tv advertising so far to carry his message. >> yeah. he doesn't want to take any chances. by the way, he said those less than artful words out in san francisco. >> he did. but it carried back. >> everybody heard it immediately all over the place. thanks very much. >>> take a look at this. we have some live pictures of the president of the united states in sandusky, ohio. there he is at the top of your screen in the middle there. he's shaking hands, meeting with folks. the president
beat john mccain. before that george w. bush, a national guardsman, defeated vietnam veterans john kerry and al gore. and bill clinton took out two war heroes, bob dole in the first -- >> interesting stuff. chris lawrence, good reporting. coming up by the way in our next hour, banning the big gulp. the controversial effort in new york city to outlaw those supersize sodas. in our new 6:00 p.m. eastern hour later here in "the situation room," survivors of the colorado theater massacre, they are speaking out in emotional interviews today including one who tried to save the youngest victim. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress." souse le matelas. ( laughter ) why's the new guy sending me emails from paris ? paris, france ? verizon's 4g lte devices are global-ready. plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon. for their "destination wedding." double mile
's right. but george w. bush should have gone in his first term too and he did not. he's making the mistake his predecessor made. it's a valid criticism. the president of either party needs to go to israel, support israel. >> there's pictures when he was there in 2008 as a candidate. but as president, mary, he went to egypt, turkey, a whole bunch of other countries. >> but bush was not anti-israel even though he didn't go his first term. president obama has been very strongly supportive of israel as president and he will be if and when he gets a second term. that's the most important. >> that's not the reflection or the opinion of those who know the most about israel. they do not think he's been strong on israel. and i'd like to remind everybody what's happening in the first term -- >> i will say as someone who studied the u.s.-israeli relationship for a long, long time on a military to military relationship to intelligence is very strong right now between the united states and israel. there may be some personal irritation between netanyahu and president obama, but on a substantiative issue
. >>> and former president george w. bush celebrates his birthday by giving a gift to countries in africa. a multi-million dollar effort to fight cervical cancer. >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> 102 degrees in the shade. this picture, take a look at it, taken here in washington. sums up what much of the nation is feeling today. yet another day of blistering heat. triple digits in many places shattering records all over the map. the heat is dangerous, potentially deadly. it's almost impossible to escape. and for the hundreds of thousands still without power, without access to air-conditioning, it verges on the unbearable. the heat is also devastating to the economy. a drought in parts of the midwest may be the worst in decades. and prospects for the corn crop right now they are dimming every day. we have the latest on all the weather conditions, what you need to know to stay safe. but let's begin with lisa sylvester right now. she's here in washington, d.c. lisa, just how hot is it outside of the nat
that he would not be george w. bush, part ii. >> he was very strong on that specific point. good work, as usual. thanks so much, jim acosta, reporting. president obama also is talking about romney's involvement with bain capital. listen to this. >> it is not that he is disqualified because of what he's done. it is, if that's your main claim, seasons he doesn't talk about the fact that he was governor of massachusetts for four years very much. >> or ran the olympics. >> then i want us to make sure that we know what your theory is about how to grow the economy. >> the president is on the road, obviously, once again. he's pouring attention on critical battleground states at the same time. let's go to our correspondent dan lothian. he's joining us right now. on this specific issue of romney, bain capital,o outsourcing, i take it the obama campaign thinks they have a winning issue? >> reporter: they certainly do, wolf. they're looking at polling out there and they get the sense that the american people are buying this message and certainly keeping romney guessing. and on the offensive, hav
? >> former president george h.w. bush and barbara won't be attending the convention in tampa next month. the 88-year-old former president uses a wheelchair due to disease limiting his mobility. he attended every convention since 1980 when he was tapped to be ronald reagan's running mate. >>> torrential rains are hammering parts of china, toppling thousands of homes, reportedly killing at least 8. they managed to relocate 3,000 residents in one province. more teams are coming to help. >>> next week, summer olympic games in london bring challenges for athletes competing, especially for this woman who not only is the first female shooter to represent mal asia, she will be eight months pregnant when she does it. "the new york times" reports she had a few physical problems in training. she is just hoping, though, that the baby doesn't kick as she's pulling the trigger. >> all right, thank you. >>> happening now, the ugly truth behind the newest and nastiest presidential campaign ads. >>> more than half the u.s. wilting from the worst drought in years. >>> and we talk to the man with an amazi
of help because of her being in george w. bush's cabinet. it wouldn't be as horrific as when mccain won palin. i think mccain lost that election because palin was on the ticket. and gary writes condoleezza rice would be a huge boost for the romney ticket. the woman smart, experienced and likable on top of the obvious democratic advantages. that being said, she knows better than to accept the job. if you want to read more on this subject, go to, or to our post on "the situation room's" face book page. >> jack, thank you. everybody remembers former democratic congressman anthony weiner. he resigned in disgrace because of a sex scandal. he may be thinking seriously of trying for a political comeback. >> today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> that is the last public image of anthony weiner as a congressman as he stepped down in disgrace. now he's reportedly considering a run for mayor in new york. before his doufl he was considered shoe in for the position. >> obviously someone got access to my account. that's bad. they sent a picture that makes fun of th
those. try this. go back in time, what do you get in 2004? george w. bush won both of those states. go back to the year 2000 they were split. al gore winning in iowa, george bush winning in colorado. classic swing states. why are the candidates spending so much time there? one of the reasons they are not only toss up states, they are about as close as you can come. in the latest colorado poll about two months old we'd like to see more recent data. but look at that. a lot of money going into these states. look a this right now, yes, governor romney has been raising more money as of late, but tv ads spending just in the last month in colorado almost $500,000 advantage. $2.1 million for the president, $1.6 million spent just by the campaigns in the state of colorado both campaigns now beginning to invest in resources. 26 offices, that's a lot for the democrats and obama. four statewide for the romney campaign. that's the state of colorado. move these out of the way. come back to the state of iowa, wolf. when you bring up that state, again, you see something quite similar. the latest poll
in the state. go back to '04, john kerry carried it barely when george w. bush was carrying it in 2000. one other key place to watch look at '08, there are many swing counties but look at this blue. cincinnati. president obama carried hamilton county. for republicans to win statewide in a close election, watch that county down there. i'll give you a highlight for it. for republicans to win in a close statewide election, they need cincinnati. that's president bush in '04. that's president bush in 2000. even in '96 bob dole won down there. you're going to see a lot of the romney campaign in the cincinnati area. they know how important it is. >> when you point out in the beginning as you accurately do, no republican has won the white house in modern times without carrying ohio. let me ask you this question, i guess it's three retically possible, but is it likely that romney could win the race for the white house even without ohio? >> that is what i'll call the big yeah, but, question in american politics. can he? yes, can he realistically? most likely no. let me show you why. map as we see it
even george w. bush? you've imitated him. >> i've patterned my character after a combination of ma dlin and john sununu. >> why? >> i just like saying sununu. >> the gloves are a really nice touch. these are driving gloves? >> they're for texting. >> i never saw those online before. >> yeah. these are ferrari driving gloves. >> can i just admit something that i've been standing on a book this whole time called "all the president's children." >> hope the good people of ferrari send me a car to match the gloves i have. >> yeah. they're very nice actually. so trash talk. this is one of the things that comes all the way through politics and we cover it here. >> yes. >> we cover it all the time. we have a clip from the movie of your two characters right before debate encaging in some trash talk. >> you take a bath in a toilet. >> oh, that was it. >> that was a quick one. i think i had to go to the bathroom. >> if i remember correctly some of the language was -- >> cam's trash talking is very sophisticated. >> his is. there's some actually pretty racy scenes in this, but it really has quite a
helped create the excitement three or so years ago. some are suggesting that george w. bush would go down as a terrible president. i was one of those. i don't understand why the democrats aren't excited or even frantic. the last time i looked the republican congress has shut down the country in the last three and a half years. i think election day will answer this question. lou writes i was excited about electing obama because he ran on the platform of providing universal health care. what we ended up with was more money and power going to the insurance giants with the mandate. he caved on the biggest issue of our time. it's hard to get excited about that. and any in atlanta writes, hey, democrat here, i'm more excited to vote this year than i was in 2008. if you want to read more on this, go to the blog, or through our post on the "the situation room" facebook page. wolf. >>> jack, thank you. >>> and you're in "the situation room." happening now there are new concerns that syria's chemical weapons stockpiles could fall into the wrong hands. just ahead we're getting n
the obama administration withdrew support for a george w. bush-era plan for a missile defense system partly based there and did it on an important anniversary in poland. >> i just want to thank you and the people of poland for the extraordinary welcome that i've received since i arrived. >> reporter: but the administration has a play there too. secretary of defense panetta just met with the polish defense minister announcing u.s. troops will be stationed in poland. candy, all these moves by the administration also help drown out some bad news on the economy. today the commerce department announced that the gross domestic product, an overall measure of the larger economy, slowed in the spring down to 1.5%. it needs to be about double of that to really spur hiring. now, despite that, the white house is predicting that that economic number will jump upwards by the end of the year to 2.6%. no doubt all of this will be foder for the campaign trail when mitt romney gets back from his european trip. but for now i guess it's mono y mono wherever he goes. >> how much of this is coincidence and not a
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)